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“For me to say I wasn’t a genius, I would just be lying to you and to myself.” - Kanye West

Thomas Leonard

As Vice President of the current GUSA administration, I always have and always will fight to improve the Hoya experience; it’s what I love to do! Through a focus on residential living and dining, academics, and mental health, the basic needs of all students will be met. I have negotiated with University leadership to ensure that decisions aren’t and won’t be made without consideration for all students. I recognize the importance of fostering an equitable community through initiatives like establishing AAPI and LGBTQ+ housing, GU272 advocacy, and disability justice. It would be the ultimate honor to serve as your president!  


"I won't not fuck you the fuck up. Period."

- Lana del Rey

Nirvana Khan

Since my first semester at Georgetown, my life has centered around advocating for those who feel unheard by the university. Within the Senate I've put so much time and energy into projects such as enforcing the GU272 referendum and abolishing forced redeployment of workers. Now, I'm excited to bring my energy, passion and vision to the position of Vice President! Through fresh ideas like mutual aid fundraising and Know-Your-Rights training for situations like sexual assault, as well as the institutional savvy and pure stubbornness it takes to negotiate with admin, I look forward to girlboss gaslight gatekeeping with your vote!


We have a demonstrable commitment to advocating on behalf of the student body and have achieved tangible results since our first semesters at Georgetown. With representation from the Executive and the Senate, transfer and four-year students, and a combined six years of student government experience, we have what it takes to best move GUSA forward as an organization.  

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